Eaves Water System has been installed of sheds, garages and carports in both urban and rural locations. Eaves Water System has worked with many shed builders to ensure you have the best possible guttering system installed on your new shed. Property owners have sited the following reasons for selecting Eaves Water System:

water ingress

Eaves Water System eliminates water ingress which otherwise risks damage to both buildings and their contents. Blocked gutters, especially on buildings which have flat roofs, are far more likely to cause shed roofs to leak and even fail in heavy rain. Eaves Water System, by eliminating clogging virtually eliminate these risks.


DIY cleaning of guttering poses a very real, very serious risk of injury and even death by ladder fall. With its low maintenance design, Eaves Water System circumvents the need to regularly climb ladders to perform cleaning and maintenance.


With many new buildings being required to collect water to satisfy local building requirements, Eaves Water System is the perfect choice for ensuring that harvested water is of the highest quality possible and that tank maintenance is reduced.


Where water is being harvested for the purposes of drinking, vermin such as deceased rats, snakes, frogs and possums can pose health risks, especially to visitors who are not accustomed to consuming harvested water. The unique design of Eaves Water System reduces the risks of having drinking water contaminated by eliminating almost all non-insect vermin from the water harvesting system.


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