How it Works

Most leaves and debris find their way into your gutter when it is not raining "they simply fall in". Tradtional gutter designs are variants of a channel shape and include an open top to allow water in. A gutter does not require a large opening on top to capture the water see "How it works" in 30 sec.
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Explained clearly below are six major benefits when you choose Eaves Water System for your home:

Protect Your Home

Harvest Your Water

Even in torrential rain, hail storms, strong winds and heavy snowfalls, Eaves Water System will collect all the water from your roof and protect your home.

Stop contaminants from entering your water supply
by excluding rotting vegetation, pests and birds.
Your family will enjoy clean, clear, safe water.


Avoid Danger:

Reduce Fire Risk

No more dangerous trips up the ladder to clean your gutters. They remain clean and clear of obstructions while you stay safe on the ground.
Include Eaves Water System in your fire plan.
Your home will be safer with no leaves and
debris to catch fire from flying embers.

Prevent Flooding

Save Water, SaveTime, Save Money

No water damage from overflowing, flooded gutters. Debris cannot build up and cause blockages. The Eaves Water System fully enclosed metal profile ensures the rain will always flow safely away from your home. Increase the value of your most valuable asset
and eliminate ongoing maintenance costs. Strong,
durable, long life total gutter solution manufactured
using trusted Colorbond® and ASA Plastic.


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